Zootool for iPhone
Summer 2010 - Native iPhone portage of zootool.com, a visual online bookmarker. App available here. Presentation available here.

OSX Encryption Wrapper
Nov 2008 - A simple anti-piracy encryption wrapper for Mac OS X, which aims to protect an excutable from static reverse engineering attacks. Presentation available here, Source available here.

Kernel Based Malicious Codes Study
Nov 2008 - A small study analysing kernel based malicious code on different operating systems. Source and paper available here.

FreeBSD ELF Injection Tool
Jan 2008 - A small tool for patching & injecting code within an existing executable image. Source available here.

Micro Kernel
Dec 2007 - First draft of a small micro kernel. Source available here.

File Trigger Kernel Module
Jun 2007 - Distant file synchronization service for FreeBSD. Source available here.

Unix Function Calls Tracer
Apr 2006 - Function calls tracer for FreeBSD/IA32, HPUX/IA64, Solaris9/Sparc and True64/Alpha. Source available here.

Win32 Mini Debugger
Mar 2006 - Simple win32 debugger. Source available here.